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Writer Q&As: Voice and Proximity

Everytime I ask myself a question, I answer it. Lately, this is the question:  how do you find your voice in the telling and not sit too far back? In other words: how do you find that intimate tone when the material is so personal? It seems the tendency is to speak from a more

Posted by: Lindsay Glauser

Writer Q&As: Writing an Acknowledgements Page

What are some guidelines you would suggest for writing an Acknowledgements page? Often, this is a task to do in the 11th hour before publication but in fact, it’s an important piece of writing. The Acknowledgements page used to be where the author expressed appreciation to individuals and institutions. A separate page more

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Writer Q&As: Ordering a Poetry Manuscript

I’m a poet who writes sixty or seventy poems and THEN tries to group them into a manuscript. This is a difficult way to find a through line or order as I don’t automatically have a beautiful way to group the poems. I pick the title from my favourite poem and hope for the more

Posted by: Lindsay Glauser