Applications for Vancouver Manuscript Intensive 2017 Due Soon

Dear Writers,

What’s your New Year’s resolution for 2017?


I know, I know–you haven’t even bought your Halloween candy yet, so why am I pestering you about a holiday that’s more than four months away?

Well, if you’re a writer, chances are you’ll vow to do one or more of the following:  Invest in mentorship, find more time to write, find clarity for your writing project and maybe even finish that book.

Vancouver Manuscript Intensive, a six-month mentorship program, can help you reach those goals, but you have to act fast. The deadline for the session starting in January 2017 is coming up soon–November 21st.

Here’s an outline of the program:

  1. VMI director Betsy Warland will pair you with a mentor who will read your manuscript and meet with you to set goals and form a strategy for your writing.
  2. Between January and June, you’ll have three 2-hour sessions with your mentor, and regular communication between those meetings.
  3. You’ll also attend two group meetings with other writers working with your mentor–community is an added bonus to joining VMI.
  4. The program culminates with a public reading, often attended by sixty people or more.

Many writers who work with VMI mentors find clarity in their writing and complete their manuscripts. Some publish their work and even win awards.

Our mentors include Rachel Rose, Evelyn Lau, Karen X. Tulchinsky, Cathleen With, Jane Silcott, Claudia Casper, Sheena Lambert, and Betsy Warland.

For more details about the program and how to apply, go to the Vancouver Manuscript Intensive website and scroll through for mentor bios, success stories, program details, and application requirements. We look forward to hearing from you by the deadline, November 21st.