Photos: VMI Celebrates 2017 Grads

Congratulations to this year’s VMI grads, who celebrated the completion and development of their manuscripts at the Havana CafĂ© on June 4, 2017.

VMI mentors 2017: Cathleen With, Evelyn Lau, Betsy Warland, Rachel Rose, Karen X. Tulchinsky (Photo: Nora Blanck)

Thirteen writers read from their prose, poetry, creative non-fiction, and cross-genre manuscripts, including two who came all the way from Saskatchewan and Alberta.

C. Groumoutis
V. Chalker Whitfield
D. Corcese
K.J. Johnson
K. Alexander
L. Gaskell
M. Beaudry
B. Wagner
I. Rose
K. King
V. Embree
M. MacDonald

C. Harmon

Bernadette Wagner, SK (Photo: Nora Blanck)
Kathy King, AB (Photo: Nora Blanck)
Cathleen With, VMI Mentor

Maureen MacDonald, BC (Photo: Nora Blanck)
Carole Harmon, BC (Photo: Nora Blanck)
Val Embree, BC (Photo: Nora Blanck)






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